Friday, December 28, 2012

2012: Year in Review

A year can't get much more exciting than 2012: Paul and I found out I was pregnant in March, announced the pregnancy to our family and friends a few weeks later and welcomed our baby girl, Edith, in November.

Although Edith's birth was by far the highlight of 2012, it was a full and busy year. Here's what happened:

Pregnancy didn't stop me from hopping into cars, buses and planes. In fact, it prompted it. In July I met two of my college roommates in Philadelphia for the weekend and had a great time catching up. Later that month, Paul and I flew north to Canada, spending a few days in Halifax and then time at the beaches and "Anne of Green Gables" sites in Prince Edward Island.

Although Edith's arrival convinced us not to go to Ohio in December as we normally do, we made two week-long trips (in our new-to-us Jetta!) to our home state earlier in the year: once the week of Memorial Day and again in September for my baby shower.

This year in New York, we again hosted our annual February dinner party. In April, when my parents were in town, we all visited the 9/11 Memorial. On a lighter note, the four of us also saw Evita on Broadway -- me, barely staving off the morning sickness that was still in full force.

Fall brought tough times to New York with Hurricane Sandy's arrival. It's devastation resulted in the cancellation of the New York City Marathon, which Paul was scheduled to run for the first time. (He recently found out he can get either an automatic berth into next year's race if he pays another entry fee, or a refund.)

Closing out the year, we've had lots of visitors: Paul's mom at the beginning of the month, his sister and her family in the middle, and my own family currently.

And that's 2012. No post on Monday; have a Happy New Year!

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