Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Wedding Anniversary #13

It's our 13th wedding anniversary today - where has the time gone? I can barely remember what I was like 13 years ago, and I can't fathom what I'll be like 13 years from now. I'll have two teenagers -- one probably driving -- by that time. Oh my.

Two states, two cities, two houses, one apartment, two jobs and then a flourishing freelance career. Two kids, of course. Two million disagreements and at least as many apologies. Good times, great times, bad times, the worst times. It's been an eventful baker's dozen.

Thirteen years ago I couldn't have predicted that this is where life would lead, let alone what came in between. May the next 13 years be just as exciting.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Another Olympics Over

The Olympics are over, so once again I can go back to being a fair-weather sports fan, content with watching Ohio State football (when they are winning) and a baseball game here and there.

What is it about those rings that suddenly makes swimming so exciting? I'd never watch a beach volleyball match in person, but if it's on TV at 11 at night? Sign me up.

I'm let down gradually, since the first week is by far my favorite: gymnastics and swimming. The second week, filled predominantly with track and field, is not quite must-see TV for me, although I do enjoy diving.

Even Edith was getting into the spirit of things, staying up a bit late on the final nights. And she knows the next Olympics won't be for a few years. Strange to think that these were the first summer games that both she and Atticus were alive for.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My First Garage Sale

I remember a few of my mom's garage sales when I was a kid. That's because they were always multi-family garage sales, which means while mom and her friends sold their goods, I got to play with my friends. Good times.

But this past Saturday was the first that I hosted. It started a few weeks ago when a neighbor sent an email to our part of the street asking if we'd like to join them in hosting a blockwide garage sale. Several of us took the bait.

I spent the week cleaning out closets and pricing stuff while watching the Olympics. Afraid of the rain and heat, I set up on our front porch. Yes, it was hot, but at least the rain held off until the afternoon.

We sold only about $40 worth of stuff, but the big coup was getting rid of our tube TVs. I then sold maybe another $20 or $25 of items online. Bag after bag of junk, AHEM stuff, motivates me to list it all on the Buy, Sell, Trade groups I'm active in on Facebook.

But I still have a ways to go. One thing is for sure though. It's not going back in our closets.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Atticus Today

We still call Atticus a baby, but it's clear that he is no longer one. Atticus is 16 months old now and firmly a toddler.

He took his first steps a few days before his first birthday but really took off in mid-June. Now there is no stopping him. He walks and especially climbs -- up ladders, slides, the sides of chairs or whatever is at hand.

His words are limited -- the occasional mama and dada, but more likely hi and bye with a nice wave. He can understand simple commands. He loves playing with his sister.

He is certainly more physical than Edith ever was. I don't know whether that's his personality or a stereotypical-but-true difference between girls and boys. Either way, it's undeniable. I'm bruised, bitten and battered. And that kid has an arm -- the objects he throws hurt.

Despite that, however, he is an easygoing kid. He'll play by himself, he'll fall asleep on his own in his crib and he is quick to smile and laugh. The baby is assuredly a kid.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

3 Cities, 3 States, 36 Hours

This weekend was busy -- three cities in three states, nine hours in the car, a mini family reunion and a baseball game, all in less than 36 hours.

We drove from Columbus to Fort Wayne, Ind. (3 hours) to visit my aunt and uncle, my cousins and their kids. The oldest kid will be in eighth grade, and I think the last time I saw her she was around 5 years old. It had been a while. It was great to catch up, and Edith especially had a blast with her newfound relatives.

Then it was off to Defiance (1 hour) for the night. After breakfast the next morning, we drove to Detroit (2 hours) to watch the Tigers take on the Astros. Paul's work sponsored the get-together, so he watched baseball while catching up with co-workers who don't work in Columbus. I spent much of the game keeping the kids out of the sun, riding the carousel, Ferris wheel and generally exploring.

The drive back to Columbus (3 hours) wasn't bad. Luckily the kids sleep well in the car, and the exciting weekend wore them out. It was fun, but I was worn out, too.


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