Monday, November 12, 2007

Tasty treats and sad defeats

Even 500 miles away, we still can't divorce ourselves from Ohio State football. When we aren't here to watch the games on TV live, Paul's sure to set the DVR. And since we have the Big 10 channel, I don't think we've missed a one.

Still, Paul was excited to watch the game with the OSU alumni club at a bar in Times Square on Saturday. Of course, he wasn't very excited when we left with a loss to our name.

The game was preceded by a visit to Bierkraft, a store selling (what else?) specialty beers in nearby Park Slope. He was happy with the selection but has been disappointed with the surprising lack of homebrew supply stores in New York City. As in, none.

After the game, we headed back to Park Slope for a visit to The Chocolate Room. Paul and I agreed to celebrate my new job at a place of my choosing, and this was it. It's a small cafe seating maybe 25 people at the most and sells only chocolate desserts and wine. I got a delectable piece of cake with fudgy frosting. Paul's hot chocolate was as thick and rich as fondue (which is also on the menu).

But today it was back to the real world. I started my job proofreading documents translated from other languages, and tomorrow I'll learn more about the writing aspect. Some good news: the dress code is superb (jeans are OK) and I get the day after Thanksgiving and all the typical holidays off (albeit without pay). And work starts at 10 a.m. I can live with that.


  1. Congrats on the job and the chocolate fudgy cake :) We won't talk about the loss.

    I am glad things are good. Life is good- isn't it? I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.
    Kelly Valle

  2. 10 AM? JEANS? Again... jealous.

    Then again, Hiroshima is still really cool. I can't complain about typically performing all of 2-3 hours of work in a typical day here. I spend the rest of the time studying Japanese and reading all the news I can possibly absorb. Life is good.

    Your job sounds so cool. I also imagine that it will be pretty challenging at times, if any of your documents come in looking like some of the translations I've seen here from students (and teachers!) Good luck!

  3. 1 loss for the Buckeyes.....You poor kids!! Try being an IRISH fan this that's pain!! Congratulations on the new Job!

  4. so.... do you like your new job???

  5. Yay DVR and Big Ten channel (we have both as well). BOO loss to Illinois :(

  6. Hehe....I'm the worst alum ever.....only game I watched so far this season was Penn State-OSU, and that's because we were at someone's house when it was going on. We canceled our cable TV package because we never watched any of the channels and have exactly 3 stations. Bars here don't exactly broadcast the Bucks.

  7. Oh, and I'm so jealous about the time off situation. I get no time off at Thanksgiving and only Christmas and the day after off. :(

  8. Hope you enjoy your new job. I'm glad you got to watch the game with the alumni club, even if it was a loss.



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