Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Longest Birthday Ever

Edith's fifth birthday was two weeks ago today, and it lasted nearly as long. Due to the long Thanksgiving break and the sickness of a teacher who was to bring in baking supplies to her class, Edith just made birthday brownies and was sung to by her classmates last Friday! But no complaints -- I like having special events strung out, and I think Edith does to.

We had a birthday party with family a couple of weekends ago, but this year we did something special. We invited her friends to our house on her birthday for an extended play date after school. I called it her "birthday un-party." I requested no gifts, but instead provided temporary tattoos, cookies to decorate and paper crowns for the kids to color and sticker.

Around 15 or so kids showed up, and it was a blast. And low-stress. It was great to make her fifth birthday so memorable, and in such an easy way.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tale of the Broken Ball Ornament

The tree wasn't even up for a full day before the first ornament of the season was broken.

I thought I was careful about only hanging the ornaments that could withstand a 2-year-old and 5-year-old. Nevertheless, Atticus found a red Ohio State bulb ornament that I bought the first quarter of my freshman year in college.

I gathered the broken pieces on the ground, had a bit of a cry and set them aside. I wasn't ready to throw them away.

Ebay and other Google searches for the same ornament didn't yield much. The next morning I decided to give fixing it a try. What did I have to loose.

The 13 pieces came together like a puzzle. With Elmer's Glue, a toothpick and lots of patience, it started to look like a remnant of its former self. When I noticed a tiny14th piece was missing, I even found it too under the tree.

It's still fragile, and I still have one tiny piece to add on. But I salvaged it. Never to be hung on the tree again!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Edith Turns 5

Aug. 29, 2017

How is it that my little baby girl, born the day before Thanksgiving in 2012, turns 5 years old today? Even I have to admit, however, that Edith is no longer a baby.

She's a preschooler who loves to learn, please her teachers and play with friends. She's easy to make laugh and eager to smile. She's an expert at pretending, puzzles (100 pieces by herself and 300 with help) and even passing the time with her 2-year-old brother, Atticus.

Who is Edith today? I asked her the same questions as last year, and added a couple more at the end.

5-year old Edith's favorite ...
In her own words / [what I guessed]

  • Food: macaroni / [macaroni and cheese and pasta]
  • Toy: dress-up stuff / [kitchen]
  • Book: Fancy Nancy / [anything Fancy Nancy or Pinkalicious]
  • TV Show: Doc McStuffins / [Doc McStuffins]
  • Movie: Frozen / [Frozen]
  • Playground activity: swinging / [slide]
  • Color: purple / [purple and pink]
  • Animal: giraffes / [dog]
  • Nursery Rhyme: Are You Sleeping? / [no guess]
  • Song: Let It Go / [The Schuyler Sisters from Hamilton]
  • Game: Super Why / [Simon Says or matching games]
  • Fruit: watermelon / [apples]
  • Vegetable: corn and carrots / [corn]
  • Breakfast: oatmeal / [Life cereal]
  • Restaurant: Spaghetti Warehouse / [Spaghetti Warehouse]
  • Thing about school: going outside / [playing outside, art class]


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