Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Politics as Unusual

I went to a Democratic rally in my neighborhood on Sunday. The primary reason was because several members of the West Wing cast were going to be speaking, and how could I resist? It was my favorite TV show back in the day -- and still among the top of my all-time favorite shows -- so of course I had to see Josh, CJ, Toby and several others. IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD. And just in someone's backyard! I mean I HAD to! But I digress.

Bradley Whitford!

Allison Janney!

In a Clintonville backyard!

And Edith too!

My rally visit had an ulterior motive. I wanted to get a Hillary Clinton yard sign. If we are friends on Facebook, you probably know that my husband supports Gary Johnson and posted his own sign in our yard a few weeks ago. I'm OK with Johnson and support several of his ideals, but I'll be voting for Clinton. I was (and still am) totally fine with the Johnson sign in front of our house, but I began feeling uncomfortable that others would presume I was a Johnson supporter as well.

Honestly, if that Johnson sign wasn't there, I probably wouldn't have posted a Clinton one either. In fact, I think Paul supports Johnson more than I support Clinton. But the suffragette in me wants to make it clear that politics isn't exclusively the husband's domain. I don't want to be the quiet dormouse that sits by silently while others assume they know what's important to me.

Paul is understandably disappointed that his sign loses some of its potency with mine next to it. But I guess that's the point. Hooray democracy.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Listening to Language Develop

Our household is never quiet nowadays. Atticus is learning to talk, while Edith is perfecting it.

Atticus has only a few words -- among them: mama, dad, fan and this. The latter is pronounced "dis" and accompanied by an emphatic point. He's also a pretty good mimic. One of the kids' favorite games currently is to harmonize "ahh" as loud as they can, particularly when we are in the grocery store.

Edith's vocabulary and pronunciation is getting better and better each day. It's fascinating to watch her process language. Just this past weekend she brought an instrument down from her room, banging it all the way. She asked me what it was called. After I told her it was a tambourine, I heard her use it a couple of times in the next few minutes, surely trying to imprint the new word in her brain.

I also love the way she's connecting dots and having fun with the language. Watching her reflection in the mirror yesterday, she noticed her hair flying up as she jumped down from a step stool. Her hair was like an octopus, she told me.

The one word of her that baffles me is this: "dinter." She started using it not long after she began talking, as a cross between "other" and "different." Now it's firmly "different." No matter how often I use the correct word, she can't seem to shake it. But she's still young enough that I find it cute!


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