Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Photos: April Highlights

April 4 -- COSI

April 15 -- Easter Party & Mommy's Glasses

April 19 - Backyard Fun

April 19 -- Hammock Time

April 23 -- Church Playground

April 30 -- Picking Wildflower #1, by Becky

April 30 -- Picking Wildflower #2, by Becky

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Boys vs. Girls: Haircut Edition

Why did I ever think that I would want two girls? Despite his definitive entrance into the Terrible Twos, Atticus is so much fun. And in many ways, boys are so much easier.

Boy clothes aren't as cute as those for girls, but at least the lack of options makes it simple to pick out a wardrobe. Shoes, shirts, shorts -- they are all pretty straightforward. And the easiest thing of all, I've recently learned: the hair.

Girls choose short or long hair, bangs or not. If it's long, as Edith's is, the choices multiply. Headband? Barrettes? Hairband? If a hairband, what color? Do you want pigtails or a ponytail? High ponytail or low? AND CAN YOU JUST SIT STILL SO I CAN GET THIS IN??????

There are a few choices for boys, but not nearly so many. In fact, after reading a couple of blog posts and watching a video, I decided I could do it myself. I got out the clippers, used three different sizes -- an inch on top, a half inch to about the top of his ears, and a size in between to "blend" the two areas -- and it looks pretty darn good. He's gotten several compliments, so I think I'm now his new hairdresser.

Edith, on the other hand, hasn't had a haircut in over a year. Boys are great.


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