Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Off to See the Wizard

Our Monday plans fell through, and we unexpectedly found ourselves with a free afternoon. So the kids and I headed to Easton Town Center for its temporary Wizard of Oz exhibit.

An indoor/outdoor mall isn't the best destination in the winter -- and truthfully isn't so great in the summer when it is very, very hot. So I haven't been to Easton since ... I'm really not sure. I went to a restaurant on the outskirts a few years ago, so maybe that counts.

But Edith likes the Wizard of Oz, and from what I read the exhibit is pretty much a big play area. That was accurate. The kids could create a giant rainbow, play in a farm area (with fake vegetables), crawl through a dark tunnel to test their courage (like the Cowardly Lion), slide, climb and a lot more. The voice altering microphones were hit or miss. (Edith liked listening to her voice as a Munchkin, but it took Atticus a bit to warm up to the Wizard-like voices!)

We stayed a couple of hours, and my kids made fast friends with another group of kids who were there too. We might just have to make another stop before the exhibit leaves town in March!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Next Step to Kindergarten

The next school year starts in about seven months, but it feels like it's just around the corner.

We officially registered Edith for kindergarten yesterday. This is a bit more stressful than it seems, since the elementary school we are zoned for gets oversubscribed early. Enroll too late, and you'll be sent to another school. But yesterday was the first day of enrollment, so we're set.

Of course yesterday also had to be a Level One snow emergency in Franklin County. Nevertheless, we bundled up and grabbed the folder full of paperwork -- birth certificate, proof of address, immunization record and the like -- and made our way downtown. The appointment itself was easy peasy.

Her kindergarten is only a few blocks away (not even far enough to qualify for a bus) and starts a half hour later than preschool. If anything, our schedule will be even easier next year. Of course the big difference is that she'll be there a full day -- or the 6.5 hours that counts as a full day in elementary school.

So now Edith is almost a kindergartner, even though we're barely halfway through preschool!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Photos: November, December & January Highlights

Photos that never made it on the blog -- and a good reminder for me to pick up my camera once in a while since there's nothing of note in January!

Nov. 2, 2017: Edith and Atticus swinging

Nov. 21: Edith painting with her new earmuffs

Nov. 26: Edith's birthday party

Dec. 6: Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Dec. 7: Cruise ship parked next door in Nassau

Dec. 22: Atticus stealing the spotlight at COSI


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