Tuesday, June 19, 2018


I'm tired.

How else to explain that I didn't remember until midnight last night that I hadn't written a blog post for today? My sleepiness is largely my own fault, however. I've been staying up late, seeing friends or reading a book that I unexpectedly found myself totally engrossed in. ("Prairie Fires" by Caroline Fraser -- this year's Pulitzer winner for the biography on Laura Ingalls Wilder. I highly recommend it.)

I finished the book last night, but that didn't stop the kids from waking in the 6 o'clock hour this morning. And of course they can't just get up quietly and play downstairs. No, it's STOMP-STOMP-STOMP, then some kind of announcement that obviously COULD NOT WAIT until a more reasonable time.

Edith and Atticus may not be so tired in the morning, but they are tired in the afternoon. They've both been taking periodic naps during their afternoon quiet time, which has been a nice surprise for me. Then they stay up a bit late at night, often playing with neighborhood friends. The cycle repeats.

I'm tired.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Block Party 2018

I say time and again that when you buy a house, your neighbors are the most important things that you know absolutely nothing about before you sign on the dotted line ... and they make or break how much you enjoy what is probably the biggest purchase of your life.

Luckily we have great ones.

This year I was put in charge of our annual block party, held last Saturday. I had big shoes to fill. The neighbor I took over from organized it all for some 15 years, and yet another neighbor for some 15 years prior to that. But I was eager to take on the role, and only slightly intimidated. I've spearheaded the day's kid activities for the last several years, so overseeing the whole picture seemed basically administrative.

And that proved largely correct. Our block has about 30 homes, and a great number of them are eager to participate and help out. I basically made sure that all of the tasks were taken care of, and they were. As in years' past, neighbors brought down tables, chairs, tents and grills. Someone picked up and dropped off the barricades to block off the road. Another neighbor came up with new ideas, like scavenger hunts and a men's bake-off (which Paul won!). Yet another neighbor and his friend brought their guitars to breakfast and late at night, playing music until bedtime.

Rain broke up supper and delayed the get-together at a neighbor's home that evening, but I'm so happy with the way everything turned out. My only regret: I forgot to take photos. Make that two regrets: that the next block party is a whole year away.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Edith's First Last Day of School

Edith's last day of preschool -- her first ever last day of school -- was last Thursday, and I can hardly remember another nine months that have passed so quickly. I think I was more emotional than she was about the day and saying goodbye to her teachers. She wasn't at all upset about her friends, since her three closest school friends are siblings whom we now see on a regular basis.

We're only a few days into summer vacation, and we're starting to hit our stride. A later bedtime. A special outing planned every day (like COSI or a movie). Just more together time in general. And in the fall she'll be a kindergartner ... FULL DAY.


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