Friday, October 19, 2007

Visiting via the "R"

No doubt about it that visiting a city is vastly different than living there.

When Paul and I came to New York City on our honeymoon four years ago, we stayed at a nice hotel near Madison Square Garden, a stone's throw from the theater district.

But when Paul accepted a job in Brooklyn, living in midtown Manhattan wasn't on the table. We probably could have afforded a large shoe box or maybe even a small refrigerator carton. Instead we're in Bay Ridge, a Brooklyn neighborhood about 40 minutes from those same theaters.

Bay Ridge offers plenty: restaurants, bars, shopping and a great view of the water and a major nyc bridge. But learning to navigate the subway was priority No. 1 if we were ever to explore beyond about 20 blocks or so.

We've only been here 12 days, but I already know the R train pretty well. The stop nearest our place is small and clean. (Although a sign I saw along the route today doesn't exactly reassure me-- "CAUTION: This area has been baited with Rodenticide," complete with a nice picture of a rat.)

But our very first visitor didn't use the subway at all. My brother-in-law is in the city on business and on Thursday was the first person to enter our apartment who wasn't either our landlord or a repairman of some sort. Hopefully he gave the in-laws a good report.


  1. Hey, first comment :)

    The Rodenticide is a good thing... I know how you love rats... :)

    Is the train convenient (timewise)? Ever crowded? That's what I hate most about the bus... when it's crowded.

  2. Yep, we got a good report. We're still coming aren't we! ;)

  3. I'm glad you will be subway savvy by the time I come to visit.

  4. I tried to give a good review. I enjoyed the 'hood and had fun with the HUGE pizza and beers. Not quite the Embassy Suites in Manhattan but a nice place in the city, decent neighborhood and plenty of good vibes.



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