Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Funny Stuff My Kids Say, Part 2

March 21, 2017
Edith, looking at a mud puddle, asked how it got there. I asked her what she thought. Her response: The raindrops pooped.

March 27, 2017
I asked Edith to clean her room. She looked at me sternly, and I internally prepped myself for some major sass.
E (slowly, sternly): "I. Am. (Pause) Adorable!"

April 11, 2017
E: "Are we ready to die?"
Turns out, it was "dye," not "die." She wanted to decorate the eggs we had boiled for Easter that morning.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Photos: Atticus Asleep

Kids are never so cute (or pleasant!) as when they are sleeping.

March 16, 2017

March 25, 2017

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Atticus Turns 2

April 2, 2017

The calendar has confirmed what I long have feared -- Atticus is getting older.

He turned two on Sunday, and boy does he act it. So far we haven't quite entered the terrible phase, but we're well within the Ornery Twos. That's a thing, right? If not, he's doing his best to make it so.

Atticus at 2 is singing the ABC song (and even gets a few of the letters in the correct order lol) and is starting to learn his colors (blue, green and recently pink). He is saying more words than I can count and learning new ones each day. I think he could spend hours on my lap looking at books, pointing to and reciting the objects he knows and patiently asking about the ones he doesn't.

He loves Maisy Mouse books, ring around the rosie and pretty much anything his big sister is doing. He is always happy swinging and is brave when it comes to slides and (especially) ladders. And Mama is thrilled that he still takes a two or three hour nap every day, even if he wants his beloved fuzzy brown teddy bear with him.

He doesn't much like his hands dirty, although that doesn't stop him from stuffing every type of food into his mouth. This kid has an appetite. Sure, he can use a spoon and fork, but fingers are so much faster! He's eager to drink his milk and water from a big-kid cup without a lid, but mama still has to clean up quite a few spills.

Best of all, he loves to laugh and is eager to do so. Simply put, Atticus is a joy.


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