Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Another Olympics Over

The Olympics are over, so once again I can go back to being a fair-weather sports fan, content with watching Ohio State football (when they are winning) and a baseball game here and there.

What is it about those rings that suddenly makes swimming so exciting? I'd never watch a beach volleyball match in person, but if it's on TV at 11 at night? Sign me up.

I'm let down gradually, since the first week is by far my favorite: gymnastics and swimming. The second week, filled predominantly with track and field, is not quite must-see TV for me, although I do enjoy diving.

Even Edith was getting into the spirit of things, staying up a bit late on the final nights. And she knows the next Olympics won't be for a few years. Strange to think that these were the first summer games that both she and Atticus were alive for.

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