Tuesday, August 2, 2016

3 Cities, 3 States, 36 Hours

This weekend was busy -- three cities in three states, nine hours in the car, a mini family reunion and a baseball game, all in less than 36 hours.

We drove from Columbus to Fort Wayne, Ind. (3 hours) to visit my aunt and uncle, my cousins and their kids. The oldest kid will be in eighth grade, and I think the last time I saw her she was around 5 years old. It had been a while. It was great to catch up, and Edith especially had a blast with her newfound relatives.

Then it was off to Defiance (1 hour) for the night. After breakfast the next morning, we drove to Detroit (2 hours) to watch the Tigers take on the Astros. Paul's work sponsored the get-together, so he watched baseball while catching up with co-workers who don't work in Columbus. I spent much of the game keeping the kids out of the sun, riding the carousel, Ferris wheel and generally exploring.

The drive back to Columbus (3 hours) wasn't bad. Luckily the kids sleep well in the car, and the exciting weekend wore them out. It was fun, but I was worn out, too.

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