Friday, April 29, 2011

Grimaldi's: Pizza Under the Brooklyn Bridge

Ask 10 New Yorkers where to get the best pizza, and you'll get 10 different answers.

Ask 100 New Yorkers, however, and there's bound to be some repeats. And one of the pizzerias you'll likely hear over and over again is Grimaldi's.

Grimaldi's fame has spread so far and wide that I'm not sure if the 90 minute line we stood in was filled with more locals or more tourists. My party of four was a bit of both -- Paul and I took my parents there when they visited a few weekends ago.

Grimaldi's is justly famous not only for its pizza, but also for its location. The pizzeria is practically right under the Brooklyn Bridge, truly putting the "Brooklyn" in Brooklyn-style pizza.

In truth, this really was probably the best Brooklyn-style pizza I've had. What I dislike most about standard Brooklyn-style pizza is the floppiness -- I neither want to fold my slice in half before eating it, nor do I think two hands should be a requirement to hold a piece. Grimaldi's coal-brick-oven pizza, however, had a firmer crust while maintaining the lotsa-cheese-to-little-sauce ratio so common on Brooklyn pizzas.

I still prefer both deep dish pizzas and thin, crispy-crust pizzas, but I had no problems polishing off three pieces of Grimaldi's either. And three pieces? That's half a 16-inch pizza. And a 16-inch pizza? That's a small.

The final word: Grimaldi's is delicious and worth a 30-minute wait, especially if you combine your visit with a walk along the East River -- just a stone's throw away -- with its sweeping views of Lower Manhattan.

Mom and I, in front of one of our two "small" pizzas (by Gary R.)

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