Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Carlo's Bakery's Comfort Food Cupcakes

Carlo's Bake Shop cupcake -- and my keyboard

My department at work has dubbed the last day of the work week "Cupcake Friday" because we so often bring those treats to share on that day.

A couple of Fridays ago a coworker who lives in New Jersey decided to do the honors. He delivered a box of cupcakes from Carlo's Bakery, in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Sound familiar? That's the bakery featured in TLC's show, "Cake Boss." I've never seen it, but I've had the cupcakes twice. They're delicious. Not quite drive-to-New-Jersey delicious, but definitely I'll-take-three delicious.

Carlo's Bakery sells the meatloaf of all cupcakes -- the ultimate comfort food. The vanilla cake is spongy and rich, the frosting is creamy and smooth. A coworker said they are reminiscent of box-mix cupcakes, only a million times better. I agree.

New York City and its environs offer cupcakes of all shapes, sizes and flavors. Gourmet cupcakes made with rare (or at least rare-for-cupcakes) ingredients. But Carlo's Bakery? That's where you go for birthday cupcakes that won't let anyone down.

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