Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ohio Comes to NY for the Holidays

We didn't go to Ohio for the holidays, but Ohio came to us.

I'm pretty sure we wouldn't have had so many relatives visiting if they wouldn't have had the newest family member to greet. But all the same, it's wonderful to be surrounded by our nearest and dearest in New York if we can't be with them at home.

Paul's mom was the first to visit, when Edith was just two weeks old. She stayed with us for five nights, including over Paul's birthday. (It was the first time he's spent his birthday with any family besides me since we moved here.)

I know lots of people have problems with their in-laws; luckily I'm not one of them! It was great having Sherry here, and not only because she happily changed diapers and watched Edith while Paul and I had a lunch date alone!

Paul with his mom and Edith

Paul's sister, her husband, and their 12- and 7-year-old sons came the following weekend. They stayed in Manhattan but visited us on both Saturday and Sunday for several hours. Edith again got lots of cuddle time!

Edith with Paul's sister and our 12-year-old nephew

My own parents are scheduled to arrive early this evening -- more about that next week!

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