Friday, December 14, 2012

In the Middle of the Night

Edith is a precious baby girl, but I can only stare at her darling face for so long when she's feeding. Especially on a day like Wednesday, when she fed some seven hours. (I'm hoping that's temporary -- I attribute it to the three-week growth spurt!)

Daytime feedings aren't so bad. I've read most of three books while feeding Edith. Paperbacks are easiest, but I can handle a hardback book, too, with little more difficulty. I can even read the newspaper if I'm careful.

But my saving grace is my smartphone. It has gotten me through many a late-night feeding session when it's too dark for books and I don't want to completely wake up Edith by turning on a light. I catch up on Facebook and Twitter, get tips and advice on a couple of baby forums where I lurk and browse the New York Times app. If you've written me an email or sent me a message online, chances are your reply will come in the middle of the night.

And when that gets old, I've been known to set the laptop on a TV tray and check off some stuff on my to-do list.

My mom has told me how different it was when I was a baby. No smartphones to browse, of course. And 31 years ago, there wasn't even TV to watch -- it was all static in the early morning hours.

I still don't like getting up at 3 or 4 a.m., but it is a little more bearable when I know I have something to do besides struggle to keep my eyes open.

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