Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Evita on Broadway

When I heard last autumn that Evita was returning to Broadway, I knew without a doubt that I'd be seeing it this spring. My dad and I have a longstanding affection for the mid-'90s movie starring Madonna and Antonio Banderas, and there's rarely a year that goes by that we don't manage to watch the movie on one of my trips home to Defiance.

So needless to say, we didn't hesitate to get tickets to the show, which opened just a few weeks before my mom and dad's visit. Ricky Martin was the headliner, but I was most interested in Elena Roger, the Argentinian lead. After years of listening to Madonna begging Argentina not to cry for her, it was a nice twist to hear it with a real Spanish accent.

And as a giant fan of the TV show "Fringe," I loved seeing Juan Peron being played by Michael Cerveris, the first Observer introduced on the show. Every time he uttered the word "observer," I giggled. He did it on purpose, right?

Anyway, we all loved the show -- it's in my top two or three of the 10 or so Broadway shows I've seen. I had the songs in my head the entire week before the show and ever since.

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