Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Ohio Vacation

As if I haven't been taking enough (unscheduled) blogging breaks already, next week will also be a blank. We're driving to Ohio on Saturday and splitting the holiday week between Paul's family and my own.

I'm nervous because my morning sickness hasn't completely disappeared, though it does seem to have settled into a routine. Ironically, I'm at my best in the morning. I've been getting up early and getting my chores done before work, because that's the only time I can consistently count on feeling good. The morning commute through the afternoon is mostly good, but then I start feeling like crap about an hour before I leave work, and the subway ride home is awful.

I'm starting to think I don't really have motion sickness anymore -- maybe it's just the time of day I ride the subway. Paul and I were in the car for a couple of hours last weekend, and I was A-OK, so I'm hoping the drive to Ohio will be fine, too. I'll be bringing plastic bags along just in case.

I still have serious food aversions -- again, mostly at night -- and both my mom and mother-in-law have been kind enough to ask what they should stock the kitchen with. Unfortunately I can't guide them too much -- I consistently eat baked potatoes and peaches, but everything else is day-by-day.

I'm now firmly into the second trimester, so I'm hoping this all will end soon. I'm significantly better than I was four or five weeks ago, but I'm ready to replace the nausea with hunger. I'm hoping this week's vacation will be just the rest I need.

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