Monday, May 7, 2012

A New Addition

I'll keep the news short and sweet: I'm pregnant, and the baby's due in November!

So there you are. Now you know my unscheduled blogging breaks weren't just because I was sick, but because I had some pretty awful morning sickness -- and I still haven't fully recovered. And nowadays I'd much rather sleep than type when I get home from work each night, and the weekends aren't much better.

I'm not expecting this to morph into a baby blog, although I am going to indulge in three posts this week on the topic. After that, you'll certainly see the occasional -- dare I say, regular -- post about this pregnancy, if only because almost everything is revolving around it at this point.

And while this is my first pregnancy and I have nothing to compare it to, I suspect that a New York City pregnancy is different than an Ohio one, in both good ways and bad. I plan to explore the pros and cons, and I've already found plenty of both.

So: On Wednesday, answers to frequently asked questions. Friday: more about my morning sickness. And on Monday: Back to regularly scheduled programming.

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