Friday, June 8, 2012

My Most Relaxing Week Off

The last week we spent in Ohio was probably the most relaxing vacation I've ever taken -- even compared to our other trips to the state.

I had exactly two plans all week: a lunch date with a couple of friends, and a barbecue at my sister's house. I had other, vague plans -- some of which got done, and others that didn't -- but nothing else with a set day or time.

I enjoyed it even more than I expected.

Generally our trips home are chock full of plans. After all, we tend to go to Ohio for specific reasons -- usually a wedding or holiday. It's not unusual to have set plans every single day. I have no complaints about that. I want to take advantage of the visit and see as many people as I can.

But this time my most pressing obligation was sleep. On two separate nights I slept 12 hours. It was delightful.

By far the most stressful part of the trip were the drives: 9 1/2 hours to Columbus, 10 1/2 hours from Defiance. But it could have been worse. It could have been longer.

Now we're trying to decide where to go on vacation later this summer. Usually (and by that, I mean ALWAYS) I want to go somewhere with lots to see and lots to do. This year I'm not so sure. On that note, I'm off to research plane tickets.

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