Monday, June 25, 2012

The Preparations Begin

After we announced the pregnancy, a few people asked whether we were going to move -- the thought being, of course, that New York City apartments are rarely large enough for the people who live in them, let alone +1.

Luckily, that hasn't been a concern for us. We chose a three-bedroom in a nice, middle-class (read: not trendy or extra-expensive) neighborhood when we moved to Brooklyn almost five years ago, and we stayed put. So we had our own bedroom, a spare bedroom with a twin bed for guests, and an extra room where we stored our desk, books, bookcases and whatever other odds and ends we collected.

Of course a baby upends our nice separation of spaces, but not necessarily for the worst. The reorganization of our apartment started this past weekend, with the Saturday delivery of our new rocker-recliner. To fit that in the living room, we had to move one of the other chairs out. The more comfortable of the two, we decided, would go into what will become the nursery (the former spare room).

And so after the delivery men left, we started in. We moved the bookcases against one wall in the third room and the desk against the other. Paul took apart the spare bed and carried each piece to the room at the front of the apartment, upending our entire space. The result: the new spare room is pleasantly crowded (and probably a lot quieter for our guests, since it faces the side street instead of the busy Fifth Avenue), and the old spare room/eventual nursery, is full of the baby stuff we've accumulated from my parents and Paul's sister.

The "nursery," however, is far from assembled. Paul's video game system and the small TV it's hooked to is still in there, waiting to be moved to the new spare room closer to the delivery date. And we still need a new dresser, let alone a place for the baby to actually sleep!

But things are slowly coming together. Next up: rearranging our own bedroom.

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