Monday, September 17, 2012

My Baby Shower

The main reason Paul and I visited Ohio this month was so that my sister could host my baby shower on Labor Day weekend. And we went by car instead of airplane in hopes that the trunk and backseat would be filled with lots of great things for baby. We weren't disappointed.

But honestly, I wouldn't have been disappointed if it had been all shower and no gifts. It was so much fun seeing so many of my closest family members -- including in-laws -- in the same room.

And, of course, I delighted in talking about Edith all afternoon. Except around immediate family, I try to restrict my baby talk around friends and family to when they ask. Edith is so much the center of my and Paul's life right now, that it's sometimes hard to remember that others aren't thinking of her 24/7, too!

My sister Katie, me, my mom

But no worries about talking too much about baby on September 2. And Paul even got to be part of the festivities, albeit mostly with the camera.

Thank you so much to my sister for hosting the shower at her home, and to everyone who presented me with darling clothes, toys and books, useful can't-do-without items for the nursery and car, as well as all of the other gifts that will keep Edith calm, clean and comfortable. Thanks to you all, Paul and I have very little left to do -- except await Edith's arrival!

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