Friday, September 21, 2012

Dessert at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

Visitors and New York residents alike gather underneath the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge for many reasons.

There's the view of Lower Manhattan, of course, and just short walks away are the popular (and expensive) River Cafe and the popular (and cheap) Grimaldi's pizzeria.

But the only place under the Brooklyn Bridge whose line rivals that of Grimaldi's is the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.

Located in a distinctive fireboat house at the Fulton Ferry Pier, the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is difficult to miss. But, in fact, it's not difficult to miss out on the long line. If all you want is a cone -- and not a sundae, shake or banana split --place your order at the factory's ice cream cart just steps away from the store's entrance.

Same ice cream, same taste and a fraction of the wait for a peaches-and-cream waffle cone, or one of the seven other flavors. And you get to enjoy the Brooklyn Bridge view all the sooner.

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