Friday, September 14, 2012

A "Last" Trip to Ohio

Nothing makes you feel more like an adult than realizing that the next time you visit your parents, you'll be a parent yourself.

On Sunday, Paul and I returned from a week in Ohio -- a baby shower the first weekend (more on that next week), followed by a few days in Defiance and then a few days in Columbus. It's the last time we'll see our families before the baby is born.

Put that way, baby's impending arrival seems even closer -- and even scarier. After all, I still feel a little babied when I visit home myself -- meals magically appear at the appropriate time, beds are freshly laundered and prepared and we have generally no responsibilities but to see family and friends. And maybe watch some TV.

But next time we're in Ohio, we'll have someone who's depending on us for food, shelter and entertainment. Not that we won't have help -- our families are nothing but excited -- but the ultimate responsibility falls on the shoulders of Paul and me. I'm nervous, but I'm eager.

As we made the 10 hour return drive to New York, I couldn't help but remember that this would be the last long road trip that Paul and I would take by ourselves for quite a while. We'll still be making that New York to Ohio car trip next year, but somehow I think it will be even longer. And probably louder.

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