Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An Update to the Last 20 Months

Ahhh, the update post: A perennial favorite of every busy blogger.

But although this site is more than 1 1/2 old -- nearly a toddler now! -- this is my very first one. That means I have a lot to update.

In the spirit of "what's old is new again," here are the epilogues to several previous posts:

August 2008 : Parking Ticket: Not paying. We fought online the parking ticket we received after our car was towed to an illegal spot when the street where it was originally parked was being repaved. I crafted a detailed explanation of the situation and waited for days ... weeks ... months for a response. Finally we got a letter by mail: The ticket was dismissed, but not for the reasons we gave. But it didn't say why. Whatever--more money in my pocket. Unfortunately we got another (albeit smaller) ticket when we forgot to renew our e-check inspection. Whoops.

February 2009: Presidential Biographies: Still reading. I'm on #9, William Henry Harrison, in our quest to read a biography of every president in the order they were in office. Harrison might have been in office for the shortest amount of time, but I think he might have the longest biography so far. I did enjoy the chapter I read today, however, in which he and Mad Anthony Wayne go to Fort Defiance, in my hometown. Wayne called the area the "Grand Emporium of hostile Indians." Don't remember learning that in 7th grade Ohio History.

March 2009: CSA: Not this year. We briefly considered joining Bay Ridge's Community Supported Agriculture program but ultimately decided against it. I was all for trying new fruits and vegetables, but I wasn't enthusiastic about getting the car out every Saturday morning to pick them up. Parking is hard enough in the neighborhood without moving the car unnecessarily. I miss having a garage.

April 2009: M train: Still riding. The proposed service cuts to New York City subway and bus routes thankfully never materialized, so I'm still riding my beloved (and empty) M train to and from work. The price of my unlimited 30-day transit pass increased slightly from $81 to $89. I'm not complaining-- it's still cheaper than the gas I bought for my 70-mile round trip commute from Galloway to Springfield.

And some odds and ends:

House: Still landlords. The original couple who rented our Galloway house recently moved out, and a new family moved in a few weeks ago. They're considering renting-to-own, which makes us very happy. Sometimes we joke that if we move back to Columbus we'll be able to move right back into the house we left behind. But that will not be happening. Never. The best thing in Galloway was the taco van, and that's sad.

Bar: Still open. Our Brooklyn landlord told us that the bar/Mexican restaurant two stories below us would be closing in two weeks. That was about three weeks ago. It's still open, but it hasn't been so loud lately. In the early days here it was the pounding bass that kept me awake at night. Now it's the couples who are loudly breaking their engagements on the sidewalk below my bedroom window.

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