Thursday, June 25, 2009

What My Grocery Store Has That Yours Does Not

Statue of Liberty:
View a Few Steps Away From My Favorite Grocery Store

I detest grocery shopping with a passion.

The crowds. The lines. The difficulty of finding just one can of green enchilada sauce.

But getting groceries is a little easier when it comes with a great view. Of the Statue of Liberty.

Two years ago, my weekly trip to the Kroger in Galloway, Ohio, also came with a great view. Of a car wash and a gas station.

Admittedly, I don't often visit Fairway, the grocery store in Red Hook, Brooklyn, that offers the terrific view from its parking lot. It's a car trip away, and we've gotten used to buying our groceries from the mediocre neighborhood stores.

But every few months we'll rev up the engine and head to Fairway for Whole Foods variety at Kmart prices. Unlike the tiny Bay Ridge grocery stores, Fairway actually has -- gasp!-- selection. And room to move your carts. But still no green enchilada sauce.

The store also has a cafe with outdoor seating overlooking the bay, which is supposed to be lovely on sunny days. The sky was overcast on Sunday, however, so we skipped the cafe in favor of a short walk along the water after we unloaded about a dozen bags into our car trunk.

Maybe I'm still more of a tourist than a resident, but I'm just not yet tired of that view.


  1. Wow! That's cool! Lucky!

    Joe and I have to shop at the really lousy neighborhood store too, most of the time. Same as you describe yours. The quality of the produce is terrible.

    But, I do love grocery shopping. I don't know, it gives me the same secure feeling having a full pantry/refrigerator that filling up the gas tank of my car gives me. The one chore I really, really hate to do though is wash dishes. Man I miss that dishwasher we had in the apartment in Urbana.

  2. There is a big red wooden barge just off the coast next to the Fairway. The Theatre Museum has an exhibit there (and has for the last year and a half) about Showboats aboard the Waterfront Museum and Barge.

    Fairway is probably the best grocery store ever. I can spend hours in there. Of course I usually visit the one on the upper west side, with no spiffy view.



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