Monday, March 3, 2008

Getting groceries

One of the most frustrating parts of living in New York City is getting groceries.

The grocery store we frequent now is so small that you could probably fit about 100 into the average Kroger Marketplace. The selection is small, and the aisles are even smaller. Carts are a huge pain because of the tiny space and large crowds; it's easier (albeit heavier) to carry a basket.

We go to Associated about once a week and buy only what the two of us can carry back to our apartment. We walk there-- it's about a 10 minute stroll, and there's no parking lot anyway. We get grocery ads only sporadically, so I usually take a look at a flier as soon as I enter the store and quickly memorize the prices. Associated has good sales-- you just have to make sure the cashier charges you the correct amount. Every time but once they've overcharged us on at least one product. Luckily Mom trained me to watch the scanner, so I catch most of the mistakes.

About once every month or six weeks we go to Foodtown, about 14 blocks away. It has a parking lot, so that's where we stock up on cat food and litter. The store itself is larger, but the aisles are just as narrow. It's so busy on Sundays that we've had to wait in line for a shopping cart.

The selection still amazes me. Many of the stores don't carry large tubs of flavored yogurt, but you can choose from multiple styles of rice or ricotta cheese. I know it's because of the neighborhood's demographics, but it's still frustrating.

Luckily we can get the necessities (fruits, vegetables, milk and eggs) across the street. I always have onion nan on hand from the Greek grocer on the corner, and I just found a health food store nearby that sells yummy blueberry granola. I just miss being able to go to ONE store to get everything I need.


  1. I have mixed feelings about grocery shopping here. Right across the street, we have Super Fresh and then there's also Trader Joes's here, too.

    Super Fresh seems to be ungodly expensive, but it's sooooo convenient. Trader Joe's is actually quite reasonably priced and they have lots of organic and specialty foods that I like, but I can't buy random necessities there like shaving cream or soap, for example. I hate having to run from store to store to do all the grocery shopping, so I usually just hit Super Fresh.

    Coming from PA, where groceries and stuff are not taxed, it has been a rude awakening. Free State my ass!

  2. ^ Katie & I shopped at Super Fresh in Philadelphia, when we wanted cheap groceries... if we had a little extra we went to this other store right across the street that had organic stuff, hippie stuff, etc.

    And I know just how it is to shop for only what you can carry... I've been doing that for years. Where I shop now (at the wal-mart, horrors!) they don't have handbaskets so I have to take a cart and just remember not to put too much in... it's easy to get carried away!



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