Thursday, June 18, 2009

Me: 37.5% the Same Based on Meaningless Questions

I knew I had changed since high school, but now I have proof based on mostly meaningless, random questions I answered a decade ago.

In high school, every senior filled out a questionnaire toward the end of the year, and the answers were published in a booklet distributed to the class. Nothing earth-shattering-- favorite food, favorite song, favorite book, and so on.

After the high school reunion last weekend, I unearthed the booklet. So based on these artificial questions that really tell everyone nothing about me, I calculated that I'm 37.5 percent the same.

Favorite Food
1999: Tostadas
2009: Blackout cake, the fudgier the frosting, the better. I don't even remember eating tostadas that often. Or at all.

Favorite Pastime
1999: Reading and just having fun
2009: I probably wouldn't word it that way exactly, but yeah, those are basically my favorite pastimes. The last one encompasses a lot though, doesn't it?

Favorite Clothes
1999: Sweaters and cargo pants
2009: Skirts and sandals. Can't even remember the last time I got out a pair of cargo pants.

Favorite Male Singer
1999: Elliot Smith
2009: Jude, although Elliot Smith is probably still in my top five.

Favorite Female Singer
1999: Sheryl Crow
2009: I don't think so, but I can't think of anyone I like better. I still like her old stuff, I guess. (Besides that, she'll always have a fond place in my heart since Tuesday Night Music Club was my very first CD.)

Favorite Musical Group
1999: Goo Goo Dolls
2009: Uhhhh ... no. U2 and some embarrassing older bands like Journey and Chicago.

Favorite Song
1999: "Barely Breathing"
2009: Actually, yes, that's still true.

Favorite Actor
1999: Harrison Ford
2009: Jack Lemmon, Edward Norton

Favorite Actress
1999: Gwyneth Paltrow
2009: Rachel Weisz

Favorite Movie
1999: "Sense and Sensibility"
2009: "The Painted Veil"

Favorite Book
1999: "Pride and Prejudice"
2009: Yup.

Favorite Expression
1999: Havin' fun yet?
2009: Really? Really? (Evidently I have a thing for rhetorical questions.)

Pet Peeve
1999: People who complain about stupid things.
2009: I'd say that still holds true.

If you could go through high school again ...
1999: I wouldn't worry so much about things that won't make a difference in five years.
2009: Absolutely still true.

What do you see yourself doing in ten years?
1999: I will be ecstatic over my promotion as feature writer for People magazine.
2009: Ha! I don't even remember reading and/or liking People magazine, so I wonder if this was a joke. I do distinctly remember, however, that I didn't care if I was famous myself as long as I met famous people. Not that I had to worry about either of those things happening, obviously.

Parting Words
1999: Remember that everything - good and bad - happens for a reason.
2009: Don't believe this anymore. Some things happen just because they happen.


  1. Jason and I are going to see Journey in August. We love them too! :) - Becky

  2. The Goo Goo Dolls are a big pile of SUCK! Ha ha.

    And I'm laughing over the cargo pants answer. I had a whole stack of them, too. They were like the college girl uniform circa the late '90s/early '00s. I wouldn't wear them now, but I remember them being very comfy.



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