Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Sister, Now in Paulding County

I told a coworker that my sister and her husband recently built a house. Her response: "From scratch?" That sort of thing just isn't done around here.

After about a year of work, Katie and Jay just moved in a month ago. Last weekend was the first time I had seen the finished product.

They have 10 acres in rural Paulding (is that redundant?) with an old house and a few out-buildings on the lot. They built a new barn and converted part of it into a living area until they decide to renovate the house.

Can two sisters be more different? But where she sees wide open spaces, I just see land that needs mowed and farmed. And where I hear the exciting buzz of a city, she just hears plain old noise. To each her own.

The house.

The land.

The slobbery dog.


  1. I like your sister's way of thinking. :)

  2. I'm kind of in between. I think my ideal would be living in a small seaside town, but close enough to a city to visit. I get really sick of the congestion!



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