Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Car Experience

We still haven't sold our car, even though we keep saying we're going to. We're planning a road trip to Montreal over Labor Day weekend, so maybe after that.

In the meantime, we (i.e. Paul) must move the car every few days because of alternate side street sweeping. Each side of the street has 90 minutes set aside once a week for cleaning, and signs are posted telling drivers when they can't park there.

Last Thursday evening Paul parked in a spot that wouldn't be swept again until this morning. He got home from a beer club meeting (yes, you read that right) about midnight last night and went to move the car.

But he couldn't find it. We split up and scoured the streets for the Saturn, thinking maybe he didn't park it where he thought he did. No luck. Paul even tried pressing the car alarm button periodically in hopes of hearing, if not seeing, it.

We weren't able to find out if it was towed, and real people in city offices are hard to come by on the phone that late at night. So early this morning Paul made some calls and found out what happened.

Sometime after Paul parked the car last Thursday night, signs were displayed saying that the street would be under construction Wednesday and all cars must be moved. The street is only two blocks from our apartment, but we happened not to walk down it in the last week and never saw the signs.

So the car got towed to a nearby street in an illegal parking spot. Our car then proceeded to get a ticket at 7:55 this morning, less than an hour before a police officer told Paul by phone the location of our car.

Paul found out from a coworker that we can dispute the ticket online, which we definitely will be doing.

And that's why you shouldn't bring a car to New York City.


  1. That is horrible Diane! What terrible timing!

  2. Definitely fight it. Seems like you have a good shot at getting it dismissed, given the circumstances.

    Phil's car got towed the other month from his own damn OFFICE PARKING LOT. Yes, really. See, normally he walks to work because the pd's office is about a mile from our place. But one day, it was so hot and humid he decided to drive, and he parked in a space that clearly said "Office of the Public Defender" on it. Except the sign was there by mistake (!) and no one told him OR his boss about it, so his car got towed to an impound lot in a VERY bad neighborhood in west Baltimore.

    It sucked royally.



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