Friday, April 19, 2013

Black-and-White Cake: A Kind-of NY Classic

If New York has a signature dessert, it's probably the black-and-white cookie.

I've never had one.

It's certainly not because they're hard to find. It's pretty easy, in fact. But whenever I'm at a place that offers them, another dessert is always more tempting. Cake trumps cookie almost every time.

But at my favorite neighborhood bakery I got the best of both worlds. Little Cupcake Bakeshop sells black-and-white cake, and it is delicious.

The chocolate cake has two layers of frosting that taste just like the cream of an Oreo cookie. I believe the cake is topped with a rich chocolate fondant that drips down the side, and the outside is covered in a thin layer of what tastes like meringue.

A black-and-white cookie, on the other hand, is a round shortbread dipped in vanilla fondant on one half, and chocolate fondant on the other. Wikipedia has a nice description and photo.

I still plan on trying the cookie eventually, but ordering a slice of black-and-white cake at least makes me feel like I haven't completely missed out on a classic New York dessert.

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