Monday, April 8, 2013

What Makes Bay Ridge Unique

Compared with many New York neighborhoods, Bay Ridge doesn't get much attention. Even in Brooklyn, it's a low-profile neighborhood. Underappreciated, I would say.

That's why I was especially excited to see that Bay Ridge was the focus of the weekly "Local Stop" column in Sunday's New York Times. The online version also included a 7-photo slide show.

Be sure to look at slide no. 2  (the neighborhood's Gingerbread House) and no. 4 (an enclosed model of Crete), both of which Paul and I have wandered by. In fact, there isn't much that was featured that we haven't seen.

I'm glad. If most of what was included in the article really was news to me, then I would have to conclude that we haven't done a very good job of exploring Bay Ridge.

The article isn't a comprehensive overview of the neighborhood. It's not meant to be. But for someone who's never been here, it does provide a taste of what makes Bay Ridge unique.

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