Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Edith's New Favorite Things to Do

After a good month or two of giving it her best shot, Edith finally rolled over for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Then she decided that was enough and took a week off. She must have saved up all of her energy, because then she became a rolling fool. And if she couldn't quite make it from back to belly 100 percent of the time, she was at least 90 percent there. That darn elbow keeps getting in the way!

Of course, now that means we have to watch her even more closely. Even at night once, when she wasn't quite asleep, I'm pretty sure I caught her trying to flip over. So far, however, she's content with sleeping on her back or side.

But rolling over isn't quite her favorite activity. After the baby trifecta of eating, sleeping and pooping, her next favorite thing to do has to be drooling. How can such a tiny little thing produce so much saliva? My mom tells me that a kid's first teeth are just to keep the drool in the mouth. I'm not sure how much she's joking.

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