Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Making Space for Baby in New York

Edith, trying out her high chair

Kids take up space. And space is the one thing most New Yorkers just don't have.

I mean, we can't fit a stand mixer into our kitchen. How can we fit all the accoutrements of a child?

Because of Edith, we've added several large pieces of furniture to our apartment: a rocker-recliner, baby swing, pack 'n' play, dresser and high chair being the biggest. We also have a folding table set up full time in the nursery, since neither our bathroom nor our kitchen is large enough to fit the baby bathtub.

Surprisingly, we haven't had to get rid of anything to make room. We have, however, made some decisions based on space -- no ExerSaucer for this kid since we don't have the floor space now or room to store it later -- but we've been able to fit more than I ever would have imagined due to efficient rearranging.

For example, it's now impossible to be a wallflower in our apartment because there are no empty walls to stand against. But I don't feel overly cramped.

I can see space becoming more of an issue as Edith gets older. Her toys take up little more than a milk crate (by design) right now. No Barbie Dreamhouse allowed while we live here! And all toys must absolutely be put away each night if I don't want to trip on my way to putting her to bed from the rocker in the living room.

Hard to believe such a small thing comes with such big accessories. Good thing she isn't clamoring for a closet yet.

Bonus: Check out one neighborhood mom's tongue-in-cheek space-saving solutions for a New York City kid's bedroom.

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