Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Edith vs. Me: Six Month Edition

Way back in college I got a cheapo scanner at one of those office supply stores, and in the following months I scanned dozens of old photos and items. I scanned a bit of my favorite striped scarf. I scanned a sticker from The Shed (there's a reference for all of you northwest Ohioans). I scanned buttons that were in German. I scanned everything.

But I also have some great random photos from when I was younger. One each from trips to Disney World in 1984, 1986 and 1995. Photos from my eighth grade graduation and my high school graduation. And several photos from when I was just barely toddling around.

It's those latter photos that I'm especially interesting in looking at now as Edith grows older and bigger. As Edith hits the corresponding age as I was in some of these photos of yore, I'll be posting them on my blog. They'll be few and far between -- I didn't scan that many photos! -- but I hope you enjoy.

The first in the series was posted shortly after Edith was born (scroll to the bottom at this link). And now, Edith and me at six months:

Edith at Six Months

Me at Six Months

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