Friday, November 30, 2012

Edith's First Week

I won't be able to resist posting photos of Edith in this space, of course, although I'm not planning on turning this into a full-time baby blog.

However, my life right now revolves around milk, poop and sleep, so expect a higher proportion of baby-related posts over the coming weeks.

The following photos show some of the highlights of Edith's first week!

Edith's first day.

A Thanksgiving meal in the hospital ... and a baby!

Being dressed in the hospital in the traditional Erwin going-home outfit.

Dressed and ready to go home!

Being adorable.

Paul reads Edith his favorite book as a kid: "Paul the Pitcher."

Edith's first stroller ride, on the way to her first appointment with her pediatrician.

The next two photos are for my mom. She hates that I scanned a photo years ago of her holding me, only a few hours old. Now I have one of my own.

Mom and me, 1981.

Me and Edith, 2012.

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