Friday, May 3, 2013

"Red, Yellow and Blue" Rope at Madison Square Park

File this under "You Never Know What You'll Come Across in New York":

Giant rope sculptures in a major New York City park.

Madison Square Park sits in the shadow of the Flatiron Building and is the home of Shake Shack, an extremely popular outdoor restaurant. And through September 8, it's also home to tall, waving walls of colorful nautical rope.

The installation, entitled "Red, Yellow and Blue," was to open yesterday. We saw it on Sunday, so I suspect it wasn't quite complete. Pictures and descriptions on the park's website of what it was to look like when it was completed suggest that visitors will be able to walk within these rope walls. They were closed off when we were there.

That didn't stop the crowded park's visitors from snapping photos, and a squirrel or two climbed on and over the ropes, even if we mere mortals could not.

According to the website, the work used 1.4 million feet of rope and 3,000 gallons of paint, and it weighs more than 100,000 pounds.

Last weekend the installation prevented us from spreading out our blanket on a soft piece of the Madison Square Park's lawn, but I can only imagine what the games of hide and go seek are going to be like this weekend.

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