Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Six Months of Edith

Edith turned six months old yesterday. It's a milestone. She's in her own room. She had her first solid food on Saturday. A year ago -- even six months ago! -- this day seemed so far away.

It's flown by, and that's even more apparent as I browse through the photos I've taken on the 21st of each month since Edith was born.

The Day Edith Was Born

Paul took this photo minutes after her birth. Revisiting the photo over the last six months, I've so concentrated on her face that I only noticed as I was writing this blog post that Paul's finger was in the photo, too!

One Month Old

Edith was still pretty wobbly at this point, so the best photos on this date featured her swing. Smiles were few and far between -- and probably by accident. This was the best I could do!

Two Months Old

We were driving back from Ohio on this day. I had planned to take the two-month photos when we were back in Brooklyn, but we got stuck in a three-hour traffic jam in Pennsylvania in blizzard-like conditions. Since we were stopped anyway, I wrote "2 Months" on the back of what I believe was a gas receipt, propped it up next to her car seat and snapped away.

Three Months Old

Looking more and more like the girl I know now. I didn't realize until afterward exactly how long she was -- the sleeves on that three-month outfit she's wearing are already too short! Let's call them three-quarter length sleeves. Then she's fashionable.

Four Months Old

This is one of my favorite pictures of Edith so far. She's not stingy with her smiles, but they can turn into screams in about six seconds. Luckily the opposite is true as well.

Five Months Old

On this day we were driving back from Ohio yet again. We arrived in Brooklyn past her bedtime, but I had to sneak in a few photos before she was down for the night. That meant pictures in her comfy sleep sack, and fewer than normal attempts to get her to smile. At this point I was just glad she didn't look too annoyed.

Six Months Old

Edith just recently started raising her arms whenever Paul or I draw near: "PLEASE pick me up!" she always seems to be pleading. It was practically impossible for me to get her to lower her arms as I hovered above her with a camera. In fact, her toes seemed to reach for the camera almost as often as her fingers. I'm probably lucky I got a photo of her face and not just her hands and feet!

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