Monday, March 25, 2013

Sunrise in Defiance, Ohio

I've been seeing more than my fair share of sunrises the last few months. Although I wish I could say I've seen more -- usually Edith gets me up long before the sun makes its way up.

But back to the point -- I've seen a few New York City sunrises, and they don't compare to the ones back home in Ohio. Of course, if you're in the right spot in New York -- on top of a skyscraper, in a park across the river from Manhattan, even along some of the borough's streets when they line up with the sun -- I'm sure those sunrises can be spectacular.

But I wouldn't know for sure. When the sun rises, I'm at tree level. We actually do see quite a bit of sky from our apartment -- by New York standards anyway -- and we get good sunshine. But we don't really see the sun.

So when I was in Defiance waiting for Edith to wake up, witnessing a bright pink sunrise from the comfort of home was something of a treat. Although sleep would also be a treat nowadays.

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