Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Changing Diapers: NOT Women's Work

Thanks for the onesie, Aunt Katie!

Few things make me angrier nowadays than a men's restroom without a baby changing table. What is this, 1960? Maybe they even had changing tables in men's rooms back then. But one thing's for sure: every men's room should have them now.

Unfortunately Paul and I have found at least two places without them. Fortunately, neither are places we very often frequent.

The first was the Knights of Columbus hall in my hometown. We went to a fish fry while we were home earlier this year. Paul took Edith to change her diaper and brought her back to me way too soon. No changing table.

The second was at a Burger King in Pennsylvania. We stopped there for lunch on our drive from Ohio to Pennsylvania. This time Paul was proactive. When he returned from the restroom, he told me I was on diaper-changing duty. No changing table.

Does anyone alive still think that changing diapers is women's work? And even if they are alive, are they really willing to say it out loud? Because if you don't put a changing table in a men's restroom, that's exactly what you're saying.

Paul, of course, doesn't mind all that much. It's not like he looks forward to changing diapers -- who does? But I find it insulting when it's assumed that the woman will always change the diapers. I filled out Burger King's online complaint form, but I have yet to get a response.

Even before Edith was born, Paul and I purchased a gray messenger bag to use as a diaper bag -- unisex, so that Paul would also feel comfortable carrying it about. But until businesses realize we've entered the 21st century, I guess I'll have to assume that the diaper bag will hang over my shoulder whenever Edith needs changed.

And thank you to my Philadelphia friend, Sarah!

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