Friday, March 15, 2013

Mike's Donuts: Best of Bay Ridge?

I don't know what it is with me and doughnuts lately.

Mmmmm, doughnuts.

I've always liked doughnuts, but lately I've been seriously craving them. And no, I'm not pregnant again.

Sounds silly, but I think I had almost forgotten how much I really do love doughnuts. But then Paul's sister shared some from her favorite local doughnut shop when we were visiting Ohio in January. And then Fat Tuesday was a few weeks later, and you have to have a doughnut on Fat Tuesday. Who am I to say no to tradition?

Dunkin' Donuts just doesn't cut it, but luckily Bay Ridge has at least one other option. And it consistently gets raves both in and outside of the neighborhood: Mike's Donuts. And it's only about a half mile from here! How I had not yet sampled a doughnut from Mike's is beyond my understanding.

So Edith and I celebrated Fat Tuesday by walking to Mike's and getting two cinnamon cake doughnuts. Edith will have to wait a while for her first bite, but Paul and I sure enjoyed them. Excellent consistency, excellent taste. A solid doughnut I could definitely have twice. And by that, I mean I wish I would have purchased a second for me. Since they're only 75 cents apiece, I should have.

Mike's Donuts was good, obviously, but it did not eliminate my now all-consuming need for doughnuts. When my friend Sarah visited in February, I immediately suggested a trip to the Doughnut Plant (blog post forthcoming!). And when I was at my parents' house earlier this month, I think I had a chocolate-covered Entenmann's doughnut every morning. It was like eating a candy bar for breakfast.

My quest isn't over. I may not find New York's best doughnut, but I'll do my best to gain a few pounds trying.

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