Friday, March 25, 2011

NYC Restaurant Picks for All Tastes and Budgets

No sooner do I finish one meal than I start thinking about the next. Since when did not liking to cook mean not liking to eat?

And even though Paul counts cooking as one of his favorite hobbies, we both share a love of trying new foods and new restaurants -- even if they're new only to us.

On that note, I've started a page on where to eat in New York City -- my observant readers will have noticed that a link to the page appeared last year, on this blog's homepage, just above the most recent post. (Go ahead and scroll up -- you'll see it there.) Since then, I've added even more listings.

Currently the page include 39 restaurants, delis, dessert shops and more, split into groups by location and cuisine. Each listing also includes a link to my review.

In addition, I have included special lists of my top picks based on your budget, taste and occasion. 

The page will be regularly updated. Expect to see more listings from my very own Bay Ridge.

Yes, this page includes only a small fraction of the thousands of eateries New York City offers. But consider this a curated list of the places I know, love and would gladly eat at again. Whether you're paying a visit to me or to New York City in general, bon appetit!

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