Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chinatown Dumplings: Prosperity Dumpling

Why is the "open" sign flipped over? We'll never know.

When I was wracking my brain for a quick, easy, cheap place to eat with Sarah, I immediately thought of Vanessa's Dumpling House, where Paul and I ate to overflowing for $15 last month.

But then I had an even better thought: why not give its competitor down the street a try? So after Sarah and I explored Chinatown, we meandered over to Eldridge Street so I could conduct a taste test at Prosperity Dumpling.

The first thing I noticed was Prosperity Dumpling's size. It's a cubbyhole, really. I think office cubicles are generally bigger than this place is. Small counters line two walls. One counter has enough room for two short stools; the other has no stools, probably because the opening door keeps bumping into whoever is standing there. This is definitely a to-go type of place.

But it was cold, and I didn't know a good place to take our food. We took our chances and got our food to stay. By the time it was ready, we had snagged a spot in the corner, between the trash can and window.

Luckily, the space doesn't influence the food. I fell in love with the sesame pancake with vegetables at Vanessa's, so that's what I ordered. The sesame pancake at Prosperity was definitely good (and, at $1.25, certainly cheap), but not as tasty as Vanessa's.

Sesame pancake -- more like a Chinese pizza, really

Sarah opted for the Chinese vegetables and pork boiled dumplings (10 for $2). I declined her kind offer of a sample, but they looked pretty good.


So while I can't give a complete review and comparison, I know I'll return to Vanessa's Dumpling House before going again to Prosperity Dumpling. A better sesame pancake + more seating = Winner.

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