Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Living in Bay Ridge, According to the NY Times

Bay Ridge. Photo by Emily K.

The New York Times features a different tri-state neighborhood each weekend in its Real Estate section, and last Sunday I was pleased to see that Bay Ridge was in the driver's seat.

The weekly article is much more of a neighborhood guide than a feature story, as indicated by each article's heading: "Living In / [Neighborhood]." Every article follows the same format, with short sections on what residents there do, what they pay for housing, how the schools compare to averages, the typical commute time and a mini history.

And so on Sunday I found out what the New York Times had to say about Living In / Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and I found out a few things about my neighborhood in the process.

Read the link above for the full article, but here are the highlights:
  • Bay Ridge has a population of about 80,000. 
  • Bay Ridge is three square miles.
  • The neighborhood is largely Italian and Irish, and 9 percent have an Arabic background.
  • New York City honored Bay Ridge's Scandinavian roots in 1969 by renaming part of the Belt Parkway "Leif Ericson Drive."
  • The average selling price of a Bay Ridge single-family home last year was $812,000.
  • Fort Hamilton, at the southern tip of Bay Ridge, is the city's only active military base.
  • The fort was built in 1831 because of the fear of a European invasion.
  • And what might do the most to convince people to visit us ... "Bay Ridge has 113 places to grab a drink."

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  1. I meant to send you this earlier but now the timing's perfect. This Old House named Bay Ridge one of it's best old neighborhoods. Springfield's South Fountain Ave. also got the nod and I wrote a story about it.

    Here's the link to Bayridge:,,20466773_20913505,00.html



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