Friday, March 11, 2011

$1 "Mini Cakes" in Chinatown

As Sarah and I strolled through Chinatown, from Prosperity Dumpling to the subway, one specific food cart caused me to do a double-take.

It seems that most New York food carts offer one of three things: hot dogs, sugared nuts, or some unknown foodstuff that smells really burnt. But in Chinatown you can get 20 mini cakes for $1.

I didn't get a real good look at how they were made -- when I forked over my dollar, the lady immediately handed me a white bag pre-stuffed with mini cakes and I got out of the way. But from the photos I was able to snap, it looks as if the cake batter is put into a special molded skillet (see the photo above), heated up, and then emptied onto a tray and broken apart.

The vanilla cakes really were mini -- about the size of your biggest toe -- but warm, and at the very least, fun to eat. The only thing missing? A vat of frosting in which to dip them.

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