Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring in Ohio vs. NYC

It's been a long winter, and I wonder if it's even over. As late as last Saturday we got enough snowfall to significantly cover the yard, although it had disappeared by the next afternoon.

This is always the time of year in which I'm anxious for spring weather to arrive, and that was true in New York as well as Ohio.

Dare I say it, but in New York the cabin fever was even worse. In Ohio, our car is in the garage only a few feet away. In New York, both the subway and our parked vehicle were blocks away, giving me an even lower incentive to go outside in cold weather.

Of course, our Brooklyn apartment was also smaller than our Columbus house, intensifying the cooped-up feeling. I remember walking to the subway on some of the first lovely days of the year and sincerely feeling a sense of elation: It was spring, I was in New York and life couldn't get any better.

I expect this spring will be different then any others I have spent in Ohio -- it's my first with a kid, with a park within walking distance and with a stay-at-home job that will allow me to completely take advantage of the weather and amenities nearby. Edith and I made a pilgrimage to the park on a one-off sunny day a few weeks back, and played in the backyard, too. Oh, a backyard -- something else we didn't have in Brooklyn!

Paul is looking forward to grilling again -- the Weber stayed at his Mom's house while we were in New York. And I'm looking forward to eating a few meals on the front porch, if the mosquitoes don't beat me to it. But most of all, I'm just looking forward to the warm sunny days that make me forget what snow even feels like.

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