Monday, April 14, 2014

The Coolest Mailbox I've Ever Had

Edith with our mailbox in October.

One of our home's unique feature that I love is its mailbox. We don't have a typical mailbox at the end of our driveway -- in fact, no one in our neighborhood does.

But we don't even have a mail slot in the door, or a box hanging outside our door. Instead, the postal carrier slips our mail into a slot at about chest-high, and it slips down a chute. We open a tiny door in the house that falls just below our knees to retrieve our letters. No need to go outside to get the mail!

Edith especially loves the little door. It's the perfect height for her to open and shut.

I like it too, although it means there's nowhere for us to leave letters for the carrier to take to the post office. Luckily we got used to dropping our mail into the big blue boxes in New York, and we do the same here. There are mailboxes at two locations we regularly frequent -- the library and grocery store -- so we're not too hard up. And it's worth it for the cool mailbox.

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