Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Starting to Read Again

I was long proud of the fact that I managed to read eight books a month for years and years. There were a few exceptions -- notably, the months I had morning sickness -- but I kept it up. Even after Edith was born I generally fit in eight books, thanks to the frequent breastfeeding and naps in my lap that kept me sitting still for hours each day.

But that all fell by the wayside when we moved back to Ohio. I had already determined that I wouldn't be able to read as much in the first few weeks. What I didn't foresee is how much it would be curbed back when I began freelancing.

It shouldn't have been a surprise. All of a sudden, my evening free time was spent in front of a computer. And I have to admit, in the free time I do have I often just want to zone out on Facebook or Twitter.

I'm getting back into the reading habit, but not at the same level I was a year ago. My goal now is a couple of books a month; I think I'm currently at number three for April. I've also found that I must be much choosier about my books  -- not only because I'm reading fewer of them, but because I have too many other distractions at my fingertips. If my book is boring, I reach for my phone. In New York, if my book was boring, I just kept reading because I had nothing else to do in the subway.

I do regret not reading as much anymore, and I recognize that I should cut out some of the bad habits that have taken its place. But I also don't want to be beholden to books at the expense of real life.

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  1. I've started to feel less guilty for quitting books partway through if they aren't really keeping my interest. Life is short and there are better books to read! I do wish I still read more, though. Smartphones definitely broke into my reading time. I used to read on the bus, at home during meals or before bed, and on breaks at work. Now those are times to check my phone unless I happen to be "caught up."



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