Monday, April 28, 2014

Duckling Day at Whetstone Library

Imagine hundreds of babies and toddlers, all dressed up as ducklings on one fine spring morning. That's Duckling Day, and we weren't going to miss it.

Duckling Day is evidently a long-time annual tradition at the Whetstone branch of the Columbus library system, stretching back decades. During this year's event on Saturday, there were live ducks, plenty of fake ducks in plastic pools for the kids to play with, duck-themed crafts, a puppet show, and of course the duck parade.

A fraction of the parade.

The library gives away costume packs for weeks beforehand -- basically a brown paper bag, orange and yellow construction paper and directions on how to fashion it into a mask and body. Some kids wear more elaborate Halloween-type duckling costumes, but I was surprised at just how creative those paper costumes could be.

None of that this year, however. Edith screamed bloody murder when I tried to slip on that paper bag with holes cut out for her head and arms. So she wore a yellow shirt and shorts, the mask around her neck, and orange paper webbed feet around her shoes.

She seemed to have a fine time, but let's be honest -- this year was mainly for us. I'm curious to see just how much more she'll really enjoy it next year.

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