Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Visiting Schmidt's German Buffet in Columbus

Two things Ohio does much better than New York are buffets and mid-priced German food. And they both come together at Schmidt's.

Schmidt's is a well-known German restaurant located -- where else? -- in the German Village neighborhood near downtown Columbus. It's known for two things itself: cream puffs and an excellent buffet.

Paul and our little Fräulein

We partook in the latter a few weeks ago, for lunch on a Saturday. Sure, there are sausages aplenty on the buffet, but I'm mainly in it for the spaetzle, hot German potato salad and red cabbage.

A trip to the buffet, sideways.

Surprisingly, Edith is turning into a little Fräulein as well. We had our camera all poised for her reaction to sauerkraut and red cabbage, but it might as well have been the blandest potato for all she cared. A girl after my heart!


Although Schmidt's cream puffs get raves, I'm not a fan. But I love, love, love the pie. The buffet is filling, so a giant slice of chocolate cream pie is an excellent end to the day.

Cream pies, blurry but delicious.

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  1. Cream Puffs! That's the only thing I *do* like at Schmidt's - never was a fan of German cuisine! I do love the pic of Fraulein Edith :)



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