Wednesday, November 20, 2013

On Edith Turning 1

Edith turns one tomorrow. And just as I've now gone through every season with her, I've also gone through every emotion.

Joy when she arrived, and every day since. Despair after each "mommy fail" that I could ever live up to my own expectations.

Pride when she learns a new skill, or looks up at me for approval. Humility when she falls asleep on my lap and no place else will do.

Energy when she grants me a smile or lets a bubbling laugh escape. Exhaustion morning, noon, night -- and the middle of the night.

I chose these photos of Edith -- only a few hours, days or weeks old -- for the blog as the Edith of today was standing next to me. I can still see those same newborn features, but there's no doubt she's very nearly a toddler.

While she won't take any steps on her own, she's a speedy crawler and can cruise pretty fast with the couch as a support. She's an adventurous eater: red cabbage, refried beans, avocado -- no problem -- but her favorites are bananas, yogurt, shredded cheese and sweet potatoes. And although she didn't get her first tooth until Oct. 28, she now has three. Maybe that's why peas have suddenly seemed so tasty.

No words yet, unless you count the ones she most definitely says with her eyes. She's been clapping for months and months, and just began waving a couple of weekends ago. But one of the things I love most is when she picks up a board book and turns the pages to "read" it. Even if it's upside down.

Last night I explained to her why a birthday is so exciting and what she can expect during her party on Saturday. When I showed her how to blow out a candle, I pretended her wispy hair was the flame. She loves that. She might not understand why her birthday is so important, but she does understand that we make her happy. And vice versa.

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