Friday, November 22, 2013

Six More Months of Edith

Edith turned one yesterday, so I suppose she's finally a toddler. And if her age doesn't prove it, her gradual transformation over the last six months does.

See the first six months of Edith here.

Seven Months Old

This was an exciting day because later, after Paul got home from work, we were going to Coney Island to walk along the boardwalk, eat and see the Cyclones -- her first baseball game. I believe it was also her first view of the ocean: the real ocean, and not just the harbor.

Eight Months Old

This was taken the day we moved from New York to Ohio. The only piece of furniture we had in our Brooklyn apartment was a navy blue butterfly chair, so there she sat. I was upset that we were leaving, and Paul was frustrated that it was taking so long to check off all of the last-minute items on our to-do list. But I wouldn't leave the apartment without getting this photo first.

Nine Months Old

August 21, the day this photo was taken, was our first full day in our new house in Clintonville. Just like the previous month, our furniture selection was limited: our stuff hadn't yet been delivered. So this picture was taken on the wicker furniture on the front porch that the previous owners had left behind.

Ten Months Old

September and still a little warm, even as the sun set. I think this was her first time sitting in our backyard, and it certainly was not the last time she treated leaves as playthings.

Eleven Months Old

This is the first photo in which she truly starts to look like a toddler to me. Pretty, and pretty bittersweet.

Twelve Months Old -- 1 Year!

All grown up! It wasn't too cold outside yesterday, so I hurried a few photos on our backyard swing. The neighbors were having their gutters cleaned at the same time, so it was hard to focus her attention on the camera and not their house. Happy birthday, Edith!

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