Friday, February 15, 2013

Presidents (Day) by the Book

Happy Presidents Day weekend! That means it's time for an update on how Paul and I are doing on our goal to read one biography of each US president.

Unfortunately this year there isn't much to report. In 2012 I read a total of two presidential biographies: one on William Howard Taft (which I wrote about last Presidents Day) and another in October on Woodrow Wilson.

Paul is a book or two behind me, but he is doing his best to keep up his blog, Presidents by the Book. In fact, he just published a post earlier this month.

We haven't given up the project -- how could we, when we're nearly two-thirds of the way done?! But obviously we have slowed down. At this rate we'll be lucky to be to Obama by the time his successor is elected. If you haven't noticed, we've had another thing or two on our plates.

Next up: Warren G. Harding, a newspaper publisher and fellow Ohioan. And the 29th president on the list of 44.

No blog post on Monday. Have a great holiday, and come back on Wednesday!

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