Friday, February 8, 2013

Paul's Baby Beard

Paul often forgoes his razor during long weekends and sometimes during vacations, so I wasn't surprised when he didn't shave for a few days after Edith was born in November.

But day piled onto day, and his shaving cream sat firmly in its place. Before I knew it, he had a beard.

Baby beard barely noticeable the day after Edith's birth ...

... but take a look two months later at Edith's baptism!

Paul knows I don't particularly care for it, and I'm pretty sure that's exactly the reason he kept it for the first few weeks. But he also got some compliments at work. Now he's used to not shaving every morning, so I don't know when it will come off.

In all honesty, it's not as bad as I thought it was in the beginning. I prefer him clean-shaven, but I don't bug him to get rid of the beard (anymore). I liken it to my short hair: Maybe Paul would prefer it long, but there's little he could say to convince me to grow it out. I like it short, so that's that. So if Paul likes his beard, then that's that, too.

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